City Properties

​​​​​​​City properties for sale

​The City of Charlotte owns properties throughout the City and in surrounding Mecklenburg County, both for use by City functions and the public. The Real Estate division of Engineering & Property Management is the single point of contact for citizen inquiries about any property owned by the City.

When properties are no longer needed for City use, the Real Estate division is tasked with the sale or transfer of these surplus ​properties. Properties will be advertised to the public and sold through a bid process, subject to City Council approval. More detail on the bidding process can be found in the property resources section below.  

The properties listed on this webpage reflect the current inventory of City-owned surplus properties. The map below shows the status of all properties for sale. The complete color-coded legend is located on the map toolbar.​​

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Asset Management, Real Estate Division
Engineering & Property Management
Property listings
4125 Piaffe Avenue; 11915 Shady Oak Court195-056-48; 195-181-99Coming soonR1.04; 2.26$60,000VacantN/A
7619/7631 North Tryon Street047-221-22, 23For saleI-2(CD)4.02NegotiableVacantN/A
Toomey Avenue145-016-12For saleR-22MF0.77NegotiableVacantN/A
West Tyvola Road143-051-01For saleR-22MF5.02NegotiableVacantN/A
4209 Freedom Drive059-041-05For saleR-43.72NegotiableVacantN/A
3801/3807/3821 Freedom Drive059-012-16, 17, 18For saleR-42.83NegotiableVacantN/A
3924/3932 Freedom Drive063-052-04, 05For saleR-22MF1.25NegotiableVacantN/A
Idlewild Road North133-251-20For saleO-11.68NegotiableParking lotN/A
1654 Newland Road077-061-13For saleR-12MF1.34NegotiableVacantN/A
2135 LaSalle Street075-036-69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75For saleUR-22.4NegotiableVacantN/A
2235 West Boulevard145-183-02For sale B-10.25$20,000VacantN/A
6825 Albemarle Road103-251-01; 103-251-17For saleB-D (CD)2.12; 0.43$1,165,000VacantN/A
Portion of 2700 Toomey Avenue145-018-02Initial Offer ReceivedR-22MF0.22$35,000VacantN/A
1025/1035 Harrill Street; 919/923 Belmont Avenue081-124-10; 081-129-02PendingB-10.52; 0.32N/ABuildings5,470; 1,196