​​​Grave space

Adult grave spaces are available for sale at three of the City cemeteries: Evergreen, Oaklawn and North Pinewood. Monument and non-monument spaces and in-ground cremain spaces are available at Evergreen and Oaklawn. Niches in the columbarium located in Evergreen are available for sale for the entombment of cremated remains. Interments occur in all of the City cemeteries. Please call 704-336-2123 to make an appointment to choose space in one of the available cemeteries or to ask questions.

​Perpetual care fee: $150 -one-time fee on all above sales
All of the City-owned cemeteries are in perpetual care. This means the grass and grounds will be properly taken care of forever. However, perpetual care does not mean the repair or replacement of any markers, vases and monuments.

​Contac​t us

Cemetery administrative offices
Evergreen Cemetery
4426 Central Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28205
Elmwood & 9th Street Pinewood
Adult: $1,500
Infant/child: $500

Elmwood & 9th Street Pinewood: Cremain in-ground
Adult: $600
Infant/child: Not available

North Pinewood Cemetery

Adult: $950
Infant/child: $500

Adult: $1,100
Infant/child: $500

Evergreen: Niche - double
Adult: $1,200
Infant/child: $1,200

Evergreen: Cremain in-ground
Adult: $600
Infant/child: $400


Adult: $950
Infant/child: $500

Oaklawn: Cremain in-ground

Adult: $400
Infant/child: $250