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This page displays contracting opportunities available through Engineering & Property Management.

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Pedestrian Safety FY2018
Bioengineering and Invasive Plant Removal - FY2018
Unspecified Mitigation Monitoring Services
Storm Water Vegetation Planting - FY2018
Storm Water Arboricultural Services - FY2018
Northeast Corridor Infrastructure Engineering Planning Studies
Architectural Services for Animal Care & Control Shelter Facility
Storm Water Repair and Improvement FY2018-C
NBIS Bridge/Culvert Inspection Program and Non-Qualifying Bridge/Culvert Inspection Program
Mechanical Engineering Design Services
Storm Water Repair and Improvement FY2018‐B
Sidewalks and Accessible Ramps FY2018-A
Various Storm Water Support Services
Storm Water Repair & Improvement FY2018-A
Arrowood Rd & Nations Ford Rd Intersection Improvement
Fire Station 15 Addition
Northeast Equipment Maintenance Facility
Architectural & Engineering Services for the Charlotte Vehicle Operations Center Phase 2
Beatties Ford Road Widening Project
Tree Banding for Cankerworms - FY2018
Johnston Oehler Road Farm to Market (Landscaping)
Seneca Place & Wedgewood Drive Intersection and Storm Drainage Improvements
TreesCharlotte and Neighborhood Tree Planting - FY2018
Grier Heights Sidewalk (Re-Bid)
Eastway Shamrock Connector
Barringer Drive Bridge (No. 376) Replacement
Site and Civil Engineering Design Services
Tree Removal & Tree Pruning Arborist Services ‐ FY2018
Twinfield Drive Storm Drainage Improvement Project
Bridge Construction Administration Services for Barringer Drive Bridge
Unspecified CIP Landscape Installation Projects - FY2018
Mint Museum (Uptown) Humidification & Controls Upgrade
CMPD Central Division Office Construction Manager-At-Risk
North Tryon Street Business Corridor Project
Fire Station 16 Roof Replacement
Karenstone Drive Storm Drainage Improvement Project
South End Pedestrian/Bicycle Connector Project
Windyrush Road Storm Water Improvement Project
1633 Starbrook Drive Storm Drainage Improvements Project
Ornamental Fountain Maintenance Services - FY2018

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