Eastland Mall

​Spring 2017 Planning Activities

On March 27th, Charlotte City Council authorized the start of Phase I of redevelopment activities for the Eastland Mall property as a due diligence effort to identify and understand challenges that currently prohibit redevelopment.  Activities in this phase, guided by stakeholder group input, will encourage early stage incremental development to illustrate action. Eastland Something New under the sun

This process builds upon the guiding principles for the Eastland Mall Redevelopment Strategy which includes:

  • Enhance the perceptions of the Eastland area and East Charlotte
  • Unify local communities
  • Create connectivity and walkability for surrounding neighborhoods
  • Take advantage of natural features
  • Create opportunity for civic development and equitable economic development

This approach will provide the development market a clear picture of what is acceptable from a design standpoint and what is economically feasible for the site. The strategy also will assist City staff in creating a flexible, action-oriented development framework that clearly outlines the steps toward marketing the property, evaluating development proposals, and unlocking underutilized assets in the Eastland Mall location.  Phase I activities include:

The Local Business Open House:   5—7 p.m., Monday, May 15, 5624 Executive Center Drive, 2nd Floor.  This event is to engage a focused, energized cross section of the local business community for a targeted discussion of the neighborhood business climate to help the consultant team better understand the  challenges, opportunities, and perceptions of the Eastland Mall site and surrounding area. Ideal participants will own or operate businesses in East Charlotte, be familiar with the Eastland Mall site, and have a vested interest in the neighborhood's long-term success.  

The Development Forum:  May 15-16. (For developers only): This forum will collect feedback from the development community to help uncover perceptions and real barriers to development, and on-site and off-site strategies that the City could employ to advance positive outcomes on the property.

The Tactical Urbanism Event:   4—8 p.m., Thursday, May 18, Eastland Mall Property. Eastland "days gone by" and Eastland "days to come" will collide in a special fun, free event where people can gather to reminiscence and imagine new possibilities for the site, as part of the evolving Eastland story. The event will include family fun and activities centered on the site's history, the local community, and imagining and participating in the future of Eastland.

Presentation to Charlotte City Council

On June 8, staff and the consultant team will present their Phase I findings to the City's Economic Development Committee, followed by a presentation to the full City Council on June 26, when members will decide if the project proceeds to Phase II, which would include work such as a market feasibility analysis, design guidelines, a marketing plan and solicitation of potential development partners.