Access to safe, quality and affordable housing

​Quality Affordable Housing

Open access to safe, quality and affordable housing is critical to our community's success. As Charlotte continues to grow, our city is committed to a plan for affordable housing that strikes the right balance between revitalizing and investing in our underserved neighborhoods and ensuring long-time residents can afford to live in these homes. Our Strategic Housing Plan is designed to create 5,000 workforce and affordable housing units over the next three years.

  • 5000 workforce and affordable units in next 3 years
  • Strategic Housing Plan & Strategy
  • House Charlotte program
  • Housing and Neighborhood department alignment
  • Housing Trust Fund
  • Expedited permitting and review process for affordable housing units

​Affordable Housing:
Key Accomplishments to Date

  • 152 Single Family Housing Rehabilitation units

  • 199 Multifamily Housing Rehabilitation units

  • 232 Down Payment Assistance units

  • 185 New Housing Construction units

  • 244 Voluntarily Restricted Multifamily units

  • 290 Multifamily New Construction units 

  • 1,603 Housing Units to Date
  • ​This study by the ULI Terwilliger Center for Housing provides advice on how the city can better support more workforce and affordable housing development.
  • Housing and Neighborhood Services department will report out on this soon.
  • ​Housing and Neighborhood Services department  has met with private developers.
  • Civic Leadership Academy kicked off March 2.
  • ​Requests have been received by the city; will be reviewed in the coming weeks.