New and Expanding Programs

New & Expanding Programs

Community Engagement

Through Charlotte-Mecklenburg Community Relations, Community Building Initiative, and Charlotte Communications & Marketing, our city will provide opportunities for the community to engage and share feedback on actions outlined in the Council letter, as well to offer ideas for future work and partnerships. To stay informed and to learn more about how to be involved in this ongoing effort, please visit

  • Community forums co-hosted with Community Building Initiative
  • Pop-up meetings across the city
  • Take 10 – city employee ambassadors talking with residents
  • Feedback surveys

City Operations

City employees are seeking ways to remove barriers for economic opportunity by looking at existing city services, policies and programs based on work done by the Economic Opportunity Taskforce. The Internal Opportunity Team serves to ensure the city is a model employer for those who play such an integral role in public service. 

  • Internal Opportunity Team Formed
  • Review of City employee benefits for potential changes related to economic mobility
  • Develop apprenticeship program for City jobs
  • Review of city policies, services with a lens of economic mobility

Stay informed, stay involved

To stay up-to-date on the latest efforts related to the Community Letter, visit

You can also subscribe to receive updates on Community Letter happenings through Notify Me on the city's website

​New & Expanding Programs:
Key Accomplishments to Date

  • Convened Internal Opportunity Team to provide ideas for Model Employer and Service Delivery

    • 60 employees from all parts and levels of the organization

  • Work begun to prioritize and align to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Opportunity Task Force

    • Identified four initial areas of focus:

      • Benefits

      • Organizational Culture

      • Career Development

      • Affordable Housing

  • Communications teams working to track milestone updates and programs to be communicated internally and externally. 
  • Communications teams coordinating storytelling and other communications efforts across citywide and department channels.
  • Communications teams creating Community Letter materials that can be shared with the community.
  • Forum held Jan 30, 2017. Additional will be scheduled in the coming months across the city.
  • Pop-Up Meetings will be held across the city.
  • City's Take 10 Initiative will be reactivated for city employees to go out and engage people on the Community Letter.

  • Seven engagements to date, more planned throughout 2017

  • City Departments – CLT Water (4), B&E (2017), N&BS (2017), I&T (2017)

  • The Exchange Church (11/16), Young Professionals (11/16), TMBF (1/17).

Face-to-face conversations, initiated by city employees and civic leaders, among our residents will allow the City to better understand what items in the Community Letter mean to people, how they touch them personally, and the ideas the public has to make Charlotte a better city for all.

Char-Meck 311 customer service liaisons will also have phone conversations with callers who are interested.


Spring 2017

  • Civic Leadership Academy participants have conversations

  • 311 Conversations

Summer 2017

  • 311 Conversations

  • Take 10 conversations initiated by city employees

Fall 2017

  • Analysis and Reporting

(posted 4/28/17)

City staff provided highlights from the Opportunity Task Force report presented to the community on March 27. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Opportunity Task Force's call-to-action followed results of a study that looked at upward mobility for children born into our lowest income quintile. The report revealed that Charlotte-Mecklenburg ranked 50th out of the 50 communities. Read our blog post about the report release and how you can be involved.

The report identified factors directly impacting economic mobility including segregation, income inequality, school quality, social capital and family structure, and provided recommendations for the city to address those underlying issues.

Key recommended areas of focus include:

Housing, Jobs, Transit, Community youth Initiatives, City employee benefits and employment practices, Service delivery review

Staff will continue examination of the report to develop recommendations to provide to City Council. Many recommendations identified in the report align with the Community Letter initiative already underway.

(posted 4/28/17)