Focus Areas

City Council Focus Areas

Developing an organizational strategy means making choices and decisions.  Defining strategy means determining to what need or demand must we respond to achieve the desired future for our community and organization. 

To this end, the Charlotte City Council defined five strategic areas on which the City focuses its resources. The goals for each strategy should align with the mission of the organization, "Why we exist," as well as attend to the vision for the city: "What we want to be."

While the strategic areas have been fairly stable over the years, the initiatives the organization undertakes to respond within each of the strategic focus areas continues to evolve to meet changing demands.

​​Community Safety Focus Area

"Charlotte will be one of America’s safest communities."

Keeping everyone safe is a top priority for Charlotte’s community safety team. Learn more about how we actively involve residents in promoting safety and addressing threats. We invest in the people and skills to a make our city a safer community for all and to strengthen the bond between residents, visitors and our public safety professionals.

Economic Development Focus Area

“Charlotte will thrive with diverse businesses and economic opportunity for all.”

Charlotte’s economic development team promotes equitable access to jobs, education, and opportunity throughout the city for all residents. A talented, diverse and prosperous workforce is critical to Charlotte’s competitiveness for businesses, development and other resources. We’re committed to an economy that encourages our region’s robust growth and to working with many partners to reduce barriers and increase upward mobility opportunities for all residents.

Environment Focus Area

“Charlotte will become a global leader in environmental sustainability, balancing economic growth, while preserving our natural resources. “

Given fast-tracked growth, Charlotte’s environment team seeks to balance economic prosperity with protection of natural resources. We continue to explore efficiencies that will streamline the city’s efforts with those of the community groups who are working to manage solid waste, energy, water and air. We lead by example in our efforts to protect the environment and we promote the advancement of Charlotte as a SMART city, through consistent data-driven and environmentally conscious decisions in areas such as energy, water, waste, and transportation.

Housing & Neighborhood Development Focus Area

“Charlotte will sustain and create distinct and diverse neighborhoods for all its residents.”

Charlotte’s housing and neighborhood development team believes every home and neighborhood in our city should be valued and celebrated. Our distinct, livable neighborhoods offer character and are the crown jewel for the delivery of city services and programs. Charlotte seeks to enhance residents’ ability to guide and advance the housing and community development agenda for their areas to create and maintain vibrant and sustainable communities where everyone can reach their full potential.

Transportation & Planning Focus Area

“Charlotte will be a vibrant livable city where all residents of all income levels have convenient transportation access to employment services and housing choices.”

Charlotte’s transportation and planning team supports thoughtful development and investment in transportation choices to help move our city’s people and assets. We tap into innovative revenue sources and partnerships to maintain our network of streets, transit, trails, sidewalks, bridges, rail, and freeways that offer collective social and economic benefits while enhancing our ability to connect people and resources for the highest possible quality of life.

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