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​Transportation & Planning

“Charlotte will be a vibrant livable city where all residents of all income levels have convenient transportation access to employment services and housing choices.”

Charlotte’s transportation and planning team supports thoughtful development and investment in transportation choices to help move our city’s people and assets.  We tap into innovative revenue sources and partnerships to maintain our network of streets, transit, trails, sidewalks, bridges, rail, and freeways that offer collective social and economic benefits while enhancing our ability to connect people and resources for the highest possible quality of life. The City of Charlotte will:

  • Meet growth needs through land use, urban design and transportation choices
  • Support a growing, diverse economy
  • Maintain and protect Charlotte’s roads, transit,  sidewalks, greenways, bike lanes, bridges and trails
  • Expand economic success for everyone

Transportation & Planning as a Council priority

City government examines land use along with different forms of transportation to build a custom street network for use by motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.  The city also maintains and grows its mass transit system with bus, light rail and streetcar services.  Charlotte's transportation goals also take flight, with a world-class airport that continuously expands to meet the growing needs of our local, regional, national and international guests and communities. 
Members of the committee are appointed by the Mayor of Charlotte. The transportation and planning committee focus on focus on providing a transportation network—including roads, mass transit and pedestrian and bicycle connections—that encourages people and businesses to live, work and locate within Charlotte.​
Vi Alexander Lyles, committee chairVi Alexander Lyles, committee chair
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Patsy Kinsey, vice chairPatsy Kinsey, committee vice chair
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Greg PhippsGreg Phipps
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Kenny SmithKenny Smith
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Dimple AjmeraDimple Ajmera
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Council Committee meetings

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center (CMGC)

2nd floor, Room 280

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Committee Documents

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