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​City Council Budget Committee

Committee charge

City Council’s Budget Committee was established in 1996 and modified in 2007 with the following charge to guide the budget process:

  • Recommend an annual calendar and process for review and approval of the budget;
  • Review major budgetary issues and options prior to the half-day budget retreats;
  • Provide feedback to the City Manager regarding the agenda and agenda items to be addressed at budget retreats;
  • Make recommendations on referred items from Council at the budget adjustments meeting prior to straw votes; and,
  • Make recommendations on referred items throughout the year to the full City Council.

Committee goals

  • Provide early and formal communication:
    • Between City Council and Staff;
    • Among Council Members; and,
    • Between City Council and citizens.
  • Provide more time for policy development
  • Provide more time for Council review of budget materials
  • Facilitate Council’s budget decision-making process between budget adjustments and straw votes
  • Provide for a more public process 

​Committee members

Click the image to access each member's bio and contact information.​

Note: for information on the full City Council budget workshops, please visit the Strate​gy & Budget Department.
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​Committee Meetings

Meetings are held periodically in room CH-14 in the basement of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center (600 E. 4th Street).

Watch the Feb. 22 meeting live online​ at 1:30 p.m.

View the public meeting calendar.

Budget Committee Documents

expand Date of Meeting : 4/12/2017 ‎(1)
expand Date of Meeting : 3/30/2017 ‎(1)
expand Date of Meeting : 3/22/2017 ‎(1)
expand Date of Meeting : 2/22/2017 ‎(1)
expand Date of Meeting : 2/9/2017 ‎(1)
expand Date of Meeting : 12/13/2016 ‎(1)
expand Date of Meeting : 10/20/2016 ‎(2)
expand Date of Meeting : 9/15/2016 ‎(2)
expand Date of Meeting : 6/29/2016 ‎(1)
expand Date of Meeting : 4/18/2016 ‎(3)
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