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The Office of the City Clerk

The City of Charlotte maintains a Council-Manager form of government and as such, the City Clerk is one of three City employees who is directly appointed by the Mayor and City Council.  The City Clerk's Office provides services that connect citizens to their government and maintains a recorded history of government actions. These services include Mayor and Council assistance, records management and research, boards and commissions, and customer service to both internal and external customers.

City Council Support

The City Clerk's Office serves as Clerk to the City Council, records, transcribes, distributes and archives minutes for all budget workshops, retreats, business meetings, dinner briefings, citizens' forums, closed sessions, special sessions, workshops and zoning meetings; assists citizens to address City Council by coordinating and disseminating the speakers' list; certifies and posts all official actions by City Council, i.e., all requests for actions, resolutions and ordinances; administers oaths and affirmations; and, maintains the Statement of Economic Interest filed by City elected and appointed officials and members of designated boards and commissions.

Records Management and Maintenance

The City Clerk's Office serves as custodian of the corporate seal of the City of Charlotte and all permanent records pertaining to the City and City Seal; maintains the City Charter and City Code of Ordinances; provides access, information and research of records to the public, staff and City Council; publishes notices of public hearings and other legal advertisements; receives voluntary annexation petitions and issues certificates of sufficiency; provides attestations, certifications and/or notarizations for contracts, deeds and agreements; serves as the repository for many State required files; receives applications for designation of public monuments; accepts claims and service of other legal documents; and, archives and preserves historical records.

Administration of Boards & Commissions

Administers Council approved processes for board appointments and maintains records for City Council's thirty-three (33) Advisory Boards and Commissions; tracks and coordinates all nominations and appointments; and, serves as staff support and Clerk to the Citizens' Review Board and Civil Service Board and acts as custodian of all their papers and records.



Office of the City Clerk    

600 East Fourth Street, 7th Floor

Charlotte, NC 28202

 Main Line: 704-336-2248

Fax:  704-336-7588



Stephanie C. Kelly, City Clerk



Emily A. Kunze, Deputy City Clerk



Jeannine Crump, Office Manager



Kim Byrd, Assistant City Clerk/Records



Sam Conard, Assistant City Clerk/Minutes  



Kay Golden, Assistant City Clerk/Boards