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​​​Homicide Support Group
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The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Homicide Support Group formed in September 2009. It was created to build a network of support for survivors of homicide victims.

​​About Our Group
The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, started by retired Chief Rodney Monroe and Sgt. Ricky Robbins of the Homicide Unit, is partnering with homicide survivors and other agencies to provide a safe and understanding environment where experiences can be shared, information can be exchanged and support can be provided. Current Chief Kerr Putney values and supports the Homicide Support Group in their efforts.

Survivors help each other feel less isolated by connecting with others who've suffered a similar tragedy. They help each other gain an understanding of loss and grief; and they help promote changes in the criminal justice system that will lessen the burden on survivors of homicide victims.

The CMPD Homicide Support Group is design to accommodate a wide range of potential members. In an effort to meet the needs of all potential group members' participants can attend meetings when convenient. Our objective is to provide a non-judgmental and safe environment where family members affected by homicide can support and encourage one another by sharing their challenges, experiences, and grief journey.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Homicide Support Services Group meets the first Tuesday of each month at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Headquarters, 601 E. Trade Street. The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m.

Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteer Family Advocates: these specially-trained volunteers are survivors of homicide victims and will work directly with families who have lost loved ones to homicide. Responsibilities include: supporting family members through a continuum of care services as outlined in the training process. Volunteers are expected to attend monthly meetings and special events.

Community Volunteer Homicide Advocates: these specially-trained volunteers are survivors of homicide victims and will work with community members in the aftermath of a homicide. Responsibilities include: providing awareness to community members about CMPD homicide-related initiatives, organizing and conducting community health fairs in the aftermath of a homicide to include collaborating with other community organizations, Volunteers are expected to attend monthly meetings and special events.

Volunteer Requirements: Complete 15 hours of training, pass a criminal background check, clear the vetting process, and commit to a minimum of one year of service.

For more information about volunteering with the Homicide Support Group, please contact Sgt. Ricky Robbins or Homicide Support Specialist Martine Highet.

Contact Information
For more information about the Homicide Support Group or other Homicide Division Initiatives, please contact:

Sgt. Ricky Robbins at 704-336-6679 [rrobbins@cmpd.org] or
Homicide Support Specialist Martine Highet at 704-336-2364 [mhighet@cmpd.org]

Homicide Support Group E-Newsletter
Please click on the provided link to the Homicide Support Group e-newsletter. ​We are also collecting submissions for future issues of our newsletter. If you would like to contribute to the healing factor of someone's loss by providing positive feedback or personal testimonies on dealing with such tragedies, please submit them through our online submission form.
Note: all articles must be approved through the Homicide Unit before being included into a future newsletter.