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CMPD Recruitment Mission Statement

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Recruitment Division is committed to recruiting, assessing, and hiring the best suited and qualified applicants to meet the needs of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community and the CMPD.  The CMPD is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  We believe our employees should be reflective of the community they serve.

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Police Trainee Process:

We will be accepting applications for our police trainee process during the next open application period from March 1st through the 15th. For more information about the hiring process, available Recruitment personnel can be reached at 704-432-1603 during normal business hours.For general questions or to receive a reminder email for the next open application process, contact Sgt. Miller at dmiller1@cmpd.org

Lateral Recruitment Process:

We are currently accepting applications for our lateral process from both in-state and out-of-state sworn police officers. For more information about the hiring process, available Recruitment personnel can be reached at 704-432-1603 during normal business hours. For more information on the program, visit our Lateral Transfer page.

CMPD 2016 Training Academy Annual Report

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Training Academy is committed to recruiting, assessing, and hiring the best suited and qualified applicants to meet the needs of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community and the CMPD.  Our efforts to do that and more are highlighted in our 2016 Annual Report.



Application Process<div class="ExternalClassA4D3F6679E144FB899C7315E952F0602"><div style="margin-left:4px;margin-right:4px;"> <strong>​10 Steps to Becoming Charlotte’s Finest</strong><br><em>Please note:</em> the following steps are a general overview of the steps to being hired for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. The hiring process typically takes 4-5 months.<br><br> <ol><li> <a href="https://careers.charlottenc.gov/psp/ER92PRD/CAREERS/HRMS/c/HRS_HRAM.HRS_APP_SCHJOB.GBL" title="Log into the City jobs database" target="_blank"> <strong>ONLINE APPLICATION</strong></a>​ <ul> CMPD posts job openings for the position of police officer based on the needs of the department. <br><br> Applicants can also follow us on <a href="https://twitter.com/CMPD" target="_blank">twitte​r</a> or <a href="https://www.facebook.com/pages/Charlotte-Mecklenburg-Police-Department/124757580932140?ref=hl" target="_blank">facebook</a> for announcements and information. Applicants are also encouraged to review the <a href="http://charmeck.org/city/charlotte/HumanResources/Documents/How%20to%20Apply%20for%20Jobs.pdf" target="_blank">“How to Apply”</a> link prior to the open application date. For application tips. Reminder DO NOT complete the City Application using a Tablet, Smartphone, MAC or iPad! You will not be able to see all the fields that are required for you to complete the application.</ul>​</li> <br> <li> <strong>TESTING</strong> <ul> Selected applicants will be invited to participate in the Written and Job-Related Physical Abilities Test (JRPAT). <br><br> The Written Exam consists of reading comprehension, memorization and retention. There are no recommended study guides for the Written Exam. <br><br> Applicants should <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2jid57KGl4" target="_blank" title="view the video of the JRPAT requirements">watch this youtube video</a> for the requirements for the physical fitness test (JRPAT). Ensure you can pass the JRPAT prior to testing.</ul>​​</li> <br> <li> <strong>INTERVIEW</strong> <ul> Candidates who pass both the written and physical fitness tests will be invited for a formal interview.</ul></li> <br> <li> <strong>PSYCHOLOGICAL SCREENING</strong> <ul> Applicants will be subject to psychological screening with a licensed psychologist.</ul></li> <br> <li> <strong>BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION</strong> <ul> Applicants selected to continue in the hiring process will undergo a thorough background investigation to ensure the applicant meets all state, city and department standards.</ul></li> <br> <li> <strong>POLYGRAPH EXAMINATION</strong> <ul> Applicants will be subject to a polygraph examination as part of the hiring process.</ul></li> <br> <li> <strong>CHAIN of COMMAND INTERVIEW</strong> <ul> All applicants will be interviewed by command staff members for hiring consideration.</ul></li> <br> <li> <strong>MEDICAL EVALUATION</strong> <ul> All applicants will be subject to a full medical evaluation and drug screening.</ul></li> <br> <li> <strong>CIVIL SERVICE BOARD</strong> <ul> In order to be hired as a police officer in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, applicants must have approval of the Civil Service Board. The Board meets once a month to review an applicant’s background to determine suitability for hire.</ul></li> <br> <li> <strong>ACADEMY</strong> <ul> Successful applicants will be assigned an academy date based on the needs of CMPD.</ul></li> <br> <br> </ol>​</div></div>
How to Complete the Application<div class="ExternalClass3C18C3BA2FD749399432DBD1225F852A"><div style="margin-left:4px;margin-right:4px;"> <strong>​Tips on how to complete the online application:</strong><ol><li> Always use proper grammar, spelling, capitalization, punctuation and complete sentences throughout the entire application.</li> <br> <li> List at least 10 years worth of Work History <em>(if you have it)</em> beginning with your current job. </li> <br> <li> Always list all of your educational learning institutions with complete information.</li> <br> <li> Always list addresses, phone numbers and job duties for your employers. Provide as much information about your employment as you can. Be detailed & descriptive when explaining specific duties & responsibilities about your position, but <strong>DO NOT</strong> cut and paste your resume into body of the application.</li> <br> <li> Double check your email address and phone number for accuracy. All correspondence is done through email. Misspellings or incorrect numbers will delay your application.</li> <br> <li> Please be patient! If your application is chosen to move forward you will receive an email from CMPD Recruitment, so please check your SPAM and Junk mail folders for application updates and/or emails from CMPD. <strong>DO NOT CALL</strong> CMPD Recruitment offices or the CMPD Academy for updates on your application.</li> <br> <li> If you have not heard from CMPD within 3 months of your initial application, use your "applicant ID #" to access your application and make additions & corrections to your application. <strong>DO NOT</strong> attempt submit more than 1 application.</li> <br> <li> <strong>DO NOT</strong> complete the city application on a Tablet, Smartphone, or iPad because you will not be able to see all of the fields that are needed to complete the application. </li> <br> <em><strong>Note:</strong> Every employer uses online and paper applications to find the best employees. Make your application stand out from the hundreds of other applications received each year by being thorough, informative & detailed when completing your application. Use credible online resources, your school's career service center and other employer related help sites to assist you in completing a thorough application.</em> <br><br> </ol></div></div>
Updating your Application<div class="ExternalClassDAF6C813CBE045DBBEC5ACEFBA7AC771"><div style="margin-left:4px;margin-right:4px;"> <strong>​To update the application:</strong> <ul> <span style="line-height:2em;"> <li> Log into the system at <a href="https://careers.charlottenc.gov/psp/ER92PRD/CAREERS/HRMS/c/HRS_HRAM.HRS_APP_SCHJOB.GBL" title="Log into the City jobs database" target="_blank"> <strong>https://cltjobs.ci.charlotte.nc.us</strong>​</a> </li> <li> Enter your User Name and Password - <strong>note:</strong>​​ if you don't remember your password, click Login Help and follow the instructions to get a new password​</li> <li> In the My Career Tools box, click on the top line which will say how many city applications you've completed</li> <li> Choose All Applications from the drop down box and then hit refresh</li> <li> Choose the application you want to update - <strong>note:</strong> If you applied more than once to be a Police Officer, make sure you choose the most recent one.​​​</li> <li> Then Update your application</li> <li> Click Final Submit - <strong>note:</strong> You are only allowed to update this application once during the application period.</li> <li> You will then receive an email saying that your application has been updated.</li> </span></ul> <br> <em><strong>**Reminder, this will only work for candidates who applied since April 1, 2016 that applied and didn't hear back! Everyone else will have to create a new application.**</strong></em><br><br><br><strong>Troubleshooting Tips:</strong> <ul> <span style="line-height:2em;"> <li> Make sure you are using the original email or correct email address from your previous application.</li> <li> If you do not receive the email from our system stating your application has been updated, check your junk and spam folders.</li> <li> Make sure you are using Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10, or 11.</li> <li> If you are having issues with the functionality of our site in IE, try another browser (Chrome, Firefox).</li> </span></ul> <br> <em>**It might be helpful to print these instructions when updating your application!**</em><br><br><em><strong>Special Note:</strong> If you applied and were disqualified and the year time frame has passed you will have to create a new application. </em><br> <br> </div></div>
Minimum Standards for Employment<div class="ExternalClassC3CE5DBE2DF448D0B2F8D6C7DB877F4B"><div style="margin-left:4px;margin-right:4px;"> Applicants must meet the following minimum qualifications to be considered for employment: <ul><li> Have a high school diploma or GED, but we encourage applicants to have at least an Associate Degree. A high school correspondence diploma is not accepted by the state of North Carolina, you must complete the high school equivalency.</li> <br> <li>​​ Be at least 21 years old. (Application can be submitted if applicant is at least 20 years old.)​ </li> <br> <li>​ Be a United States citizen.</li> <br> <li> Have or be able to obtain a North Carolina OR South Carolina Driver's License (depende​nt on your residence) AND have a minimum of 2 years driving experience, using a VALID driver's license.</li> <br> <li> Have not committed or been convicted of any felony or serious misdemeanors.</li> <br> <li> Have not been convicted of Driving While Impaired during the preceding five years.</li> <br> <li> Have an Honorable Military Discharge; General Discharges are evaluated on a case by case basis.</li> <br> <li> Pass an entry level written examination.</li> <br> <li> Pass an entry level physical ability test.</li> <br> <li> Pass an extensive background investigation including psychological examination, polygraph examination, etc.</li> <br> <li> Pass a pre-employment Medical Examination and Drug Screening Test.</li> <br> <li> Certain past drug use will result in disqualification. Marijuana usage in the last 12 months or usage of Schedule I drugs and other drugs in the past 10 years.</li> <br> <li> Must be able to successfully pass City of Charlotte Color Vision Standards.</li> <br> <li> Must have minimum corrected visual acuity of 20/30 binocularly.</li></ul> <br> <strong>Residency Requirements:</strong><br> The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department requires that all sworn police officers will: <ul><li> Reside in North Carolina <strong>or</strong> South Carolina</li> <br> <li> Within a 45 mile radius of Police Headquarters (601 E. Trade)</li></ul> <br> While they are employed with the CMPD, <strong> <em>all sworn employees</em></strong> must continue to abide by this rule. <br> <br> Please use this link to help you determine if your residence is within the bounds the CMPD allows: <a href="/CMPD/Organization/Documents/OfcoftheChief/policemap.pdf" target="_blank" title="view the radius map">45 Mile Radius Map</a> (pdf)<br><br><strong>Thinking of Joining Our Department?</strong>​ Compare Charlotte’s Cost of Living With Other Municipalities. Use the <a href="http://swz.salary.com/CostOfLivingWizard/LayoutScripts/Coll_Start.aspx" target="_blank" title="visit this site">Cost of Living Wizard</a> to calculate your estimate. <br> <br> <strong>Tattoo Policy:</strong><br> Tattoos or brands cannot be visible on the head, face, chest or neck. <strong>As per CMPD Policy,</strong><em>"Visible tattoos cannot be more than 2.5 inches in length or 1 inch in width and number more than one per limb, including the hand.​" Any visible tattoo (i.e. "sleeves"), must be covered by a uniform shirt or approved tattoo "jacket".</em><br><br></div></div>
Frequently Asked Questions<div class="ExternalClass709640C8175C4707A2078BFB5505DEAA"><div style="margin-left:4px;margin-right:4px;"> <strong>1. What are the minimum requirements of your department?</strong> <ul><li> You must be at least 20 years old at the time you enter the process. (Must be 21 on date you enter academy)</li><li> You must have a High School diploma or GED. We encourage applicants to have at least an Associate'​s Degree. </li><li> You must be able to obtain a North Carolina OR South Carolina Driver's License, depende​nt upon your home of residence.</li><li> You must be a citizen of the United States.</li><li> We require an Honorable Discharge from the military (General Discharges are accepted on case by case basis).</li><li> You must pass an extensive background check including: Polygraph Exam, Psychological Screening, Medical Exam & Drug Screening</li></ul> <br> <strong>2. What benefits does the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department have to offer me?</strong><br> <ul> Our Police Department's entry level pay for new hires will start at the rate of $43,492. Any adjustments for educational or bi-lingual incentives will take effect upon completion of the Academy or after the 14-week Police Training Officer period has ended. <ul><li>​New hires will start at the rate of $43,492​​* </li><li> A 5% incentive for persons who have a proficiency in Spanish, Vietnamese, Laotian </li><li> 5% bonus for Associate’s Degree, 10% bonus for Bachelor’s Degree </li><li> 10 Paid holidays per year </li><li> 10 to 20 vacation days per year, based on years of service </li><li> 2 weeks leave for annual reserve military training, one week is paid </li><li> Medical / Dental Insurance - City pays a portion of the coverage </li><li> Paid life insurance of double annual salary up to $100,000 </li><li> Eligible for full retirement benefits from the city and state after 30 years of credible service or at age 55 (those employees hired on or after July 1, 2009 are not eligible for retiree medical coverage) </li><li> 401(k) provided by the city - 5% of salary contributed by the city for sworn personnel </li><li> Educational tuition reimbursement </li><li> Employee Assistance Program - personal and family counseling </li><li> Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officers are provided with the finest equipment, the best training, and the latest technology available in law-enforcement today</li><li> The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department supports the National Guard and Reserve. </li> <li>​ We encourage our employees to further their education and the City of Charlotte has a tuition reimbursement program. </li><li> For personal and family counseling we have an Employee Assistance Program and Police Chaplains of differing religious backgrounds.</li></ul></ul> <br> <strong>3. What type of opportunity does the department offer me?</strong> <ul> We offer a challenging and rewarding career with numerous possibilities for you to make a difference in our community. Patrol, Felony Investigations, Vice and Narcotics, School Resource Officer, Lake Enforcement, Helicopter, Violent Crime Task Force, Special Information Bureau, SWAT, Highway Interdiction and Safety, Recruitment and Training, Canine and many more. Our department will provide you with the finest equipment available including a lap-top computer, uniforms, clothing allowance for plain-clothes assignments, in car cameras and unlimited training opportunities at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Academy. </ul> <br> <strong>4. What is the City of Charlotte like?</strong> <ul>It is a big city with a small town atmosphere. Charlotte is the nation's second largest banking center. We have excellent schools, universities and colleges. It is located centrally between the mountains and the Atlantic coast. Charlotte is the home of several professional sports franchises including the Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Hornets, and America's premier NASCAR facility- Charlotte Motor Speedway. For more information about Charlotte, visit the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce.</ul>​​​ <br> <strong>5. What is the recruiting process like?</strong> <ul>The recruiting process begins with submitting a City application, available online through www.cmpd.org during Open Application periods throughout the year. Qualified applicants will then be invited to the Darany Entry Level Police Officer Examination. This is a two hour, four part written test consisting of 169 questions. Following the written test, the applicant will take a Job Related Physical Ability Test. Applicants who pass these tests will receive an application packet by mail or instructions on completing the application on-line. Selection of Police Officer applicants is a competitive process. The best qualified applicants will be assigned to a recruiting officer who will conduct a comprehensive background investigation to determine suitability for employment. </ul> <br> <strong>6. What are things that can eliminate me from the application process?</strong> <ul>Because of the sensitive nature of police work, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has very strict employment standards. <ul><li> Repeated use of drugs like powder cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, LSD, mushrooms, Methamphetamines, PCP, Ecstasy, GHB and a number of other hard drugs will prevent you from being employed by our department. Certain uses of drugs like steroids and amphetamines can disqualify applicants. </li><li> Any use of marijuana during the year prior to application will disqualify an applicant. Other marijuana use is evaluated on a case by case basis. NOTE: The application process BEGINS when you submit your city application. </li><li> Our department examines closely the criminal, driving, and credit history of each applicant. Serious criminal offenses, poor driving habits, a credit history which demonstrates a lack of responsibility, a poor work history, or negative references can eliminate an applicant from consideration. </li></ul></ul> <br> <strong>7. Can I Get Started Gathering Documents To Complete My Application Packet?</strong> <ul> <strong>Yes.</strong> Applicants that pass the Darany Entry Level Police Officer Examination (DELPOE), and the Job Related Physical Ability Test (JRPAT), will receive an application packet via email to complete. Some of the items are listed below for applicants to begin gathering.</ul> <br> <br> <strong>You will include all of these documents in your application packet when you return it to the Recruitment Section: </strong> <ol><li> Color photo of yourself, head and shoulders (passport photo)</li><li> Birth Certificate (1 Photo Copy) </li><li> Driver's License (1 Photo Copy)</li><li> Social Security Card (2 Photo Copies). <em>Must be a photocopied from the original card. Copies of metal cards are not acceptable.</em></li><li> High School Diploma or GED Certificate with individual test scores. (1 Photo Copy)</li><li> College Diploma (1 Photo Copy)</li><li> Marriage Certificate (1 Photo Copy)</li><li> Divorce Decree (1 Photo Copy)</li><li> Selective Service Registration Card (1 Photo Copy) for all male applicants between the ages of 18 and 25, regardless of military service. <em> If you have lost your card or have not registered, please visit the Selective Service System web site or call 847-688-6888. </em></li><li> Military Discharge Form DD-214 (1 Photo Copy) showing type of discharge</li><li> Naturalization Papers (1 Photo Copy) if you are a Naturalized U.S. Citizen</li><li> High School Transcript (1 Certified, Original Copy)</li><li> College Transcript (1 Certified, Original Copy)</li> <br> <br> <em> <strong>Important:</strong> Applicants that have been issued a citation, a criminal summons, or arrested for any criminal offense need to include certified court documents related to the offense along with copies of any associated documents such as Police Reports, arrest reports, citations, summons…etc. These documents are required by the North Carolina Training and Standards Bureau for certification purposes. Court documents can be obtained from the Clerk of Court in the County where the offense occurred. Associated documents can be obtained from the charging agency.</em></ol> <br> <br> <strong>What Else Should I Include? </strong> <ul> When completing your application, please remember to: <ul><li>​ Include all of your residences since the age of 16</li><li> Include every employer for whom you have worked for the last 15 years, even if the business is now closed</li><li> Have the F-3 and the Authorization to Release Information Forms notarized (North Carolina Notary)</li><li> Review all the information you have provided for accuracy</li></ul> Failure to provide all requested documents and a completed application will cause delays in the review and processing of your application packet.</ul> <br> <br> <strong>Finally</strong> many applicants are eliminated from consideration because they have not been "completely" truthful and given full disclosure of all information that we require in our investigation. The integrity of our employees is one of this department's most important Core Values. <br><br> We appreciate your interest in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. Our department is one of the finest in the United States. If you need clarification or have any additional questions please call 704-432-1603. <br><br> The City of Charlotte is an Equal Opportunity Employer <br><br> ​</div></div>
Why Charlotte?<div class="ExternalClass6213D484CD4E48C4AC15DB0D51D86C8B"><div> The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department is an organization with an impeccable reputation of excellence, integrity, and service. Comprised of more than 1,800 sworn officers and 400 civilian employees, we are always actively recruiting qualified men and women who have a passion to serve. Reducing crime and improving the quality of life for residents are among our top priorities in making Charlotte the safest big city in America. We recognize that community safety is a shared responsibility which takes great steps in collaborating with residents, neighborhood leaders, and business owners, as well as local and state agencies to reduce crime. If you believe you have what it takes to positively impact the community, we want you to you to join our ranks. <a href="http://charlotte.global/index.php?submenu=LivingHere&src=gendocs&ref=AbouttheRegion&category=Main" title="Read more about Charlotte,NC" target="_blank"> <em>more...</em></a>​ </div></div>