Lost and found

​Lost Pets in the Community

If you have lost your pet:

  • Your personal pet suddenly disappears from your yard, dashes out the door, somehow gets away from you while on a walk, or a thunderstorm or thunderworks spooks them and they take off. You want to find your pet by posting flyers and reporting it as lost. You are on the right page for help.
    If you have lost your personal pet, you can create a lost report by uploading a photo of your pet along with specific details and it will be added to our Petharbor losts pets page, or call 311 to file a lost report.

    CREATE A LOST ANIMAL ONLINE REPORT by clicking the correct animal button​:
    link to lost dogs in the community report

    link to lost cats in the community report

    link to lost other pets in the community

  • Please note that found animal reports will expire in 30 days. You can make a new found report after the 30 day period.​

  • It's important for owners that have lost their pets to check the Stray Pets in the Shelter page on the website daily as new animals are brought in at all hours of each day. If you think you might have found your pet online PLEASE come to the shelter to see them in person. Bring proof of ownership with you just in case the pet you saw online is yours so we can expedite the reclaim process.

  • In some cases, found pet reports are created and sent to the AC&C Facebook found pets album or to our Petharbor listings which can be found by the buttons below. Be sure to review both pages often to see if you find a match.​​


    Each link will take you to the pets that have been reported as found. Click the animal's picture to learn when it was reported found.

    link to found dogs in the community
    link to found cats in the community
    link to found other pets in the community

  • Make a flyer at petbond.com/flyerentry.php or at ReturnMyPet.com and distribute them around the area where your pet was last seen. Fliers can also be sent to accfacebook6@gmail.com and they will be posted on the AC&C Facebook page. Lost animal pictures can also be sent via a private facebook message along with contact information and where the animal was lost/last seen.

  • If your pet is microchipped contact the microchip company and let them know that your pet is lost. Make sure all personal information (address, phone numbers, etc.) are up-to-date at the same time. They will alert veterinarian offices as well as Animal Control agencies near your home.

  • Be sure to look at shelters where you live and surrounding counties. Citizens may find your pet and either bring them home or to an animal control agency where they live which could be in a neighboring county.

    • Within Meckl​enburg County the towns of Cornelius and ​Matthews have their own Animal Control shelters. If you live in one of these towns, you should also check with your local police department. You should also investigate the surrounding county Animal Control organizations as animals do travel from one county to another (especially if they are lost near the county lines).You should also investigate the surrounding county Animal Control organizations as animals do travel from one county to another (especially if they are lost near the county lines).​

  • Owner’s that have lost their pets should also ​check local newspapers in the classified ads section, local bulletin boards, the AC&C Facebook found album, and national lost/found pet websites to see if anyone has posted their pets in the found sections. (Five common lost/found sites to share your lost flyers and look for found pets: Lost & Found Dogs - North Carolina, the Lost and Found Pets-Charlotte group pageNextDoor.com ​and ​Craig's list).

  • Attract pets back by placing articles of your clothing or their favorite blanket/bed outside in a sheltered area, setting a safe trap (AC&C can provide cat traps) that can be set with tuna or other strong smelling food. Cats can often be attracted with their own litter box. Check often. Check crawl spaces and ask your neighbors to do the same.​​