​Happy Endings

Uh, hello.  My name's Cassius.  And I'm a happy-go-lucky boy.  Found myself not too long ago here at the Animal Care & Control shelter.  Well, they took good care ​of me.  Even found me a new place to live.  

I've got a real good story to tell.  My new family has kids!  Yay!  We have lots of fun!

I just know a couple of you guys out there have some stories to tell.  Some of you may not have been happy in your previous homes, that's why we want to hear how you are doing in your new home.  Just send a new picture of you and your family... in a jpg format (whatever that is) and a story about your new life.  

We'll publish it on our Faceb​ook​page for EVERYONE to see.  Maybe if people know how happy we can be, all of the little ones here will be adopted.

Just send your stories and pictures to my buddy, Melissa.  She'll take care of everything.  

Gotta go, they got the Frisbee out...

dog head

Sincerely, Cassius

paw print

We always enjoy hearing from people who have adopted our pets.  We like to know that our former friends have found great homes and how they have brought joy to people's lives.  We thought it would be great to share these stories with you. If you want to submit a story, please tell me the name we gave the animal at the shelter or the ID number.  That way, if you don't have a picture, I can pull one from my archives. Please be sure to put "Happy Endings" in the subject line.


Send information to:

Okay all you adopters of cats, exotic animals and livestock, the dog adopters far outnumber you when it comes to sending in stories of their new family members.  I'm sure this is not because they love them any more than you do.  Help even the score and send in your stories.  People love to read them.​