​Meet Your Match: Feline-ality

Some of our adoptable cats have been assessed with the Meet Your Match Feline-ality program.
If you see "My Meet Your Match personality type is a Sidekick" then this cat has been assessed and determined to have that type of personality. To find out all the details behind this program and a list of ALL of the personality profiles, scroll down.

​Adoptable Cats:

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What is Feline-ality?

The Meet Your Match Feline-ality Adoption Program is a research-based program that pairs distinct Feline-alities with adopters whose personality and lifestyle fit them best. Good matches help make strong bonds, and bonding is the key to successful adoptions.

The research-based Feline-ality Adoption Program is built around the Feline-ality Assessment that reliably predicts how an individual cat is likely to behave when the cat arrives at their new home. In addition, the Cat Adopter Survey identifies the aspects of the adopter's preferences, expectations, and lifestyle that correlate with specific Feline-alities. Adopters can then look for the cats with Feline-alities known to be a good fit for their household.

Adopters who meet their new feline companion through the Feline-ality Adoption Program bring them home already knowing something about the cat's:

  • Enjoyment of being petted and held

  • Playfulness, "talkativeness," and activity level

  • Interest in (and level of comfort with) new people and new things

Adopters Learn about Their Feline Preferences and Themselves

The Cat Adopter Survey identifies adopter preferences, expectations, and lifestyle that correspond to characteristics measured in the Feline-ality Assessment. Adopters can complete the one-page survey in a few minutes. Its tone is lighthearted and upbeat (think magazine quiz, not college application).
Adopters enjoy completing the survey and finding out what "color" they are:

  • Green adopters are most successful with cats who adapt quickly to new situations.

  • Orange adopters are a good fit with easy-going cats.

  • Purple adopters are comfortable with cats who need time and encouragement to adjust to new surroundings.

A color-coded guest pass in hand, adopters can introduce themselves to cats whose cage cards identify them as green, orange, or purple. Adopters aren't required to choose a cat with a certain Feline-ality—love at first sight often happens. But the Feline-ality Assessment enables adopters to be prepared for their new love's response to their new home. The cat is then able to adjust to his/her new home without alarming or disappointing the adopter.

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Or you can print and fill out the Cat Adopter Survey at home. 

Information and photos courtesy of ASPCA Pro.​