Pet services



(please read the QUALIFICATIONS​ below BEFORE going to the bottom of the page to fill out your application)

must be a resident of Mecklenburg County (No Exceptions). On the day of your pet’s surgery appointment you will be required to provide your Drivers License with current address or a Photo Identification and current utility bill as proof of residency. Applications with missing information will not be processed.

Use of this application is limited to family pets. Rescue personnel and caretakers of feral cats do not apply. Your pet must be in compliance with the local Animal License ordinance. If it is not, compliance will be required the morning of your surgical appointment. By filling out and sending in this application, you are taking on full ownership responsibility for this animal.

All applications received will be placed on the waiting list​ and you will receive a call when your application reaches the top of the list. Due to the overwhelming amount of applications for animals in need of this service we cannot contact you when we have received your application. DO NOT call to check on the status of your application.

If your pet has a current (or expired) rabies vaccination, PLEASE bring the most recent rabies CERTIFICATE you have with you on the day of your pets' surgical appointment.
We do not want to re-vaccinate your pet if they are current.
If they are receiving their first vaccine, it will be good for 1 year.
If they are expired or will expire within 30 days of the appointment, we can give your pet a 3 year rabies vaccine.
Due to the high traffic and time constraints at our clinics we are unable to trace Rabies tag numbers or call a veterinarian for proof of a current vaccine.


Please use your local veterinarian if you are financially able OR if your pet's needs are urgent in nature. At any given time, the s/n clinic will have a variable waiting list and appointments may not be immediately available.  Please be patient as the free clinic is offered only once a month so appointments are not immediately available. There is a limited number of large cages so dogs (50 lbs and over) will have a significantly longer wait than smaller animals. It may take up to four to six months before your pet is scheduled for surgery.

Surgery appointments will be limited to a maximum of three pets per address within a twelve month period. Applications received in excess of the maximum (3) will be denied (No Exceptions). We do not reschedule forgotten and/or missed appointments and they will count as one of the three allowed per household.


The s/n clinics are being funded by volunteer fundraisers.  (It is not part of an operational budget.) The availability of donations has been drastically reduced due to the unstable economy.  Unfortunately, the clinics can continue only as long as funding is available.  Once our current funds are exhausted, the clinics will be discontinued.  We distribute the funds to provide one clinic on the second Saturday of each month.

Please notify the voicemail at 704-336-4424 if you have a change of address, email account, phone number or wish to be removed from the waiting list.
Please note that the spay/neuter line is for messages only.​​

By clicking the links​ below to fill out your application, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the important information listed above.

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