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​Spay / Neuter Services​

Animal Care & Control offers FREE spay/neuter surgery for Mecklenburg County pet owners (only).
We ONLY hold our spay/neuter clinics on the second Saturday of each month due to fundraising efforts.
If you are looking for the low-cost weekday clinics, call the Humane Society of Charlotte at 704-426-1053​.

We ask that you be patient as there is currently a wait period for the following:

Male Cats: next available clinic​

Female Cats: next available clinic 

Male Dogs:

     Under 40lbs: next available clinic

     Over 40lbs: 3 months​

Female Dogs:

     Under 40 lbs: 8 weeks​

     Over 40 lbs: 4 months

By going to the online applications, this means that you are looking for the FREE clinic held on the Second Saturday of every month.


(go to the bottom of this page for the printable version of each application that you can mail to ​us.)

Why Spay and Neuter?

Animal Math:
1+1= 420,000    <- How does that calculate?
One Female Cat​ + One Male Cat = 420,000 Kittens in 7 Years.

Help STOP the Multiplication by spaying or neutering your pets!

Spaying and neutering your pets is the most responsible decision an owner can make. There are so many benefits behind this surgery:

  • a healthier and happier pet

  • a major reduction in the threat of cancer

  • they won’t go through heat cycles

  • they won’t feel the need to get out of the fence and roam the neighborhood

  • they’ll be less likely to attack people and other pets

  • they'll be less inclined to mark their territory

  • it will increase your pet’s life expectancy

BUT MOST IMPORTANT: It will prevent the birth of unwanted companion animals which reduces the pet over-population!!​

For other low-cost surgical options, click the links below for details on their spay/neuter services.

  1. The Humane Society of Charlotte
    *If you have a scheduled surgical appointment for your pet on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday at the Byrum Dr location, please note that the Humane Society of Charlotte is operating the clinic on these days. If you need to talk with them please call their spay/neuter line directly at 704-333-4130.*
  2. Spay Neuter Charlotte​ 
  3. Gaston Low-Cost Spay Neuter Clinic (Gastonia, NC)  
  4. Cabarrus Spay/Neuter Clinic, Concord, NC 
  5. Spartanburg Humane Society Low–Cost Spay Neuter Clinic, Spartanburg, SC:  
  6. Humane Society of Union County - low-cost spay/neuter clinic 
  7. Other places to check out:

This is the bottom of the page and below are the applications you can print and mail to us at:

Animal Care & Control
c/o Spay/Neuter
8315 Byrum Dr
Charlotte, NC 28217

Male Cat​

Female Cat

Male Dog

Female Dog