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Summer is here! And that means hot temperatures with high humidity. So what does that mean when you decide to leave your dog in the car? Labored/difficulty breathing, seizures, heat stroke, and even death. Even with the windows down, in the shade, with water; these things do not help or make any difference to the quickly rising heat in the car. The car is an oven and even 5 minutes can be deadly.

According to the ASPCA: "on a 70-degree day, a car's interior temperature can climb to 90-degrees. On an 85-degree day, it takes only 10 minutes for a car's interior to top 100 degrees; in 30 minutes, the temperature can jump to 120 degrees."

What can you do to prevent this and keep your pets safe? LEAVE. THEM. HOME.

If you find a dog in car, check to see if it is responsive. If their tongue is completely out, panting heavily, and/or unresponsive, call 911. If they are in the car but barking, slight panting, and moving around/responsive, call 311. Please stay by the car until an officer arrives! The maximum arrival time will be 30 minutes but an emergency response unit may arrive sooner.


Please refrain from taking action on your own. You could be sued by the owner and fined by police for destroying personal property if you decide to break a window.

For more pet safety tips (summer, heat, swimming, storms, and more) visit the Seasonal Safety Tips page.

adoption fees are waived on all cat adoptions when donating to our kitten nurseryall adoptable dogs are free to adopt; donations are appreciated

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