Animal Kneads Day

​Animal Kneads Day Bread Pre-Orders

The Great Harvest Bread Company makes a wide range of delicious, nutritious, hand-made from scratch bread every day. For Animal Kneads Day the staff volunteers their time (starting at 3:00am) to make loaf-after loaf-after loaf to get all their fantastic bread ready for the start of the event. You can go to The Great Harvest Bread Company website to view their full menu along with the "all-natural" ingredients that they use in each of their recipes. The list of our event's special selections are below.

These breads below can be baked as a round loaf or a toaster loaf and can be sliced or not sliced:

  • Honey Whole Wheat

  • Harvest White

  • Dakota

  • ​​Rosemary Garlic

  • Cinnamon Chip​

These breads come in one style and cannot be sliced:

  • Cheddar Garlic - comes as a round loaf only

  • NEW for 2017: Extreme Cinnamon Swirl - comes as a toaster loaf​'ve done your research and you want to make a pre-order. Wonderful! In addition to enjoying your favorite Bread Company loaves, you will also be contributing to our community clinic that offers FREE pet spay/neuter services to the public. Thank you!

Remember that e​​​​ach loaf is only a $10 donation with 100% of the proceeds going to the public Spay/Neuter fund.

Pre-orders can be made individually, or they can be made in bulk through your designated contact person for ordering and pick-up. Just fill out the form below BEFORE August 21​​, 2017 and we'll have your order prepared and ready for you to pick up at the event.

  • All pre-orders MUST be picked up by 2:00pm on the day of the event at the 901 S Kings Dr location​

  • Pre-orders not picked up by 2:00pm will be placed back on the shelf for sale

  • Payment on pre-orders will be made on the day of the event at the time of pick up

  • If the designated contact person cannot pick up pre-orders someone else can be sent to pick it up...we just need the designated contact persons name so we can give that person the correct order.

Thank you, again, for your support!​​​